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Web Design Tricks to Boost Your SEO in 2023 February 28, 2023

Practically applying web design tricks to boost your SEO

Designing your website is not an easy process. There are lots of things you need to keep in mind if you want to do it well. Not to mention the underlying skills required to even attempt it. So, we hope that our web design tricks to boost your SEO in 2023 will help make the task ahead of you a little easier!

Make sure your website has high compatibility

One of the most important web design tricks to boost your SEO is to make sure your website can be used on whatever browser or device. Lots of people, when designing their website, make the mistake of monitoring the whole process only through a single browser. Being able to flawlessly run your site on Chrome is all well and good. But, as long as someone trying to load into it on Mozilla or on a phone keeps encountering nothing but error messages, your SEO is going to suffer. It is best to find professional web design helpers if you are not sure you can ensure compatibility on your own.

Web design for a phone

Keep your website fast

Your web design must never compromise your website’s loading speed. It does not matter how fancy your site is, or how many options it has that makes the experience of using it a treat. If it takes five minutes to load one page, it will be flagged by Google and given lower SEO ratings. Digital marketing experts from always recommend sacrificing some functionality for speed if it comes down to it! This way, you can avoid bad SEO ratings and you won’t make your visitors feel frustrated to the point of leaving your site in a fit of rage. After all, most users dislike slow loading sites as well!

Prioritize minimalistic and clean design

If you are using website design services, make sure to emphasize your desire to keep your website clean and minimalistic. This is because one of the most useful web design tricks to boost your SEO nowadays is prioritizing just such a look. Why? Because such design actually allows for a much better implementation of both our previous tips. A cluttered mess of a site will always be harder to optimize and load quickly. In addition, user preferences have shifted away from having a bunch of useless options to having a few options that cater to their needs. So, you can both improve your SEO and appeal to the new preferred user aesthetics.

Going over page design

Pay attention to your coding as well

As you should be able to tell by now judging by our previous advice, SEO is much more than just content and keywords. Lots of people tend to associate those things with it first, yes. But ignoring the other stuff that makes up a good SEO rating will result in trouble down the line. And one of the best things to pay attention to early is your site’s coding. Simply put, if there are any redundancies or hidden errors in it, Google, while crawling your website, will likely end up finding them. So, rather than having to go back and fix things, if you are making your site from scratch, make sure the job is done well from the onset.

Make use of landing pages

Landing pages are an incredibly useful tool! They are one of the aspects of web design that affects conversion rates the most, making it easier, or harder, to turn visitors into clients. Why can they have an adverse effect? Well, if someone clicks on an ad promoting one thing, only to land on a page which is trying to shove five other products down their throat instead of the one they were interested in, they often just close the page. So, while landing pages are useful, they need to be used cautiously. You should always only push one product or service on any particular landing page. After all, it is not too difficult to make custom landing pages for each of your marketing campaigns.

Build your keywords from day one

Learning how to use keywords in your web design is crucial. If you just set the task aside for later, then the keywords you used at the start can come back to haunt you. After all, they are immediately logged when Google crawls your website, and your site is recommended in Google Search Results to people based on them. If you build up a keyword history which is not beneficial to the reason why you had a site created in the first place, then you are just working against yourself.

Make sure to avoid duplicate content

When discussing web design tricks to boost your SEO, it is impossible to skip over talking about content. Your best approach to this subject is: always pursue originality! It is easy to fall for the temptation to churn out similar content. The more you do it, the more you know about a subject, therefore making it even easier to write about the related topics. What lots of people do not know, however, is that this is behavior discouraged by Google. Which means that, when Google is crawling your website, it will flag you for doing so, tanking your SEO rankings.

Different fonts

Reliable hosting is key

The fact may surprise you, but even perfectly following web design tricks to boost your SEO, you might be disappointed. This can happen if you pick the wrong host for your website. Ultimately, no matter how perfect your website is, it needs to actually be accessible for all your effort to count. If your host frequently takes down your website for server maintenance, causes loading issues through old or laggy servers, or is flagged by Google, then you are all out of luck. So, make sure to get from them statistics like guaranteed up time and the speed of their servers, at least!

Final Words

Having gone through our web design tricks to boost your SEO in 2023, you should be more familiar with both what you need to do and what exactly SEO demands of you. So, we hope you will find success with building up your own website!

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