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How Duplicate Content Affects SEO & Google Rankings March 12, 2020

The effect of duplicate content issues on website ranking

Website developers have to test the viability of the launched website by evaluating organic traffic over time. Search engines also provide tools to acquire information about the nuances of user interaction.

Duplicate Content Can Increase The Bounce Rate Of A Website

High Bounce rates and considerably low ranking reveals problems in the website, and in most situations, duplicate content is responsible for the low ranking. The well-known copied content problems that occur in websites and affect ranking are enlisted below:

  • Varying website versions:

The secure and non-secure home page of the website creates confusion for search engines as both sites have identical content. Websites with www and without www URLs create the same content.

It is essential to highlight the website version that is to be ranked and ensure that all the other versions have a 301 redirect to the preferred website version.

Rel Canonical Tag Can Be Used To Avoid Plagiarism In A Web Page

In this way, the clicks can be credited to the preferred website. Web page owners can also use the rel canonical tag to avoid duplicate content issues.

  • Variation in URLs:

Session ids of website visitors often lead to the development of slightly different URL parameters that become duplicate content for search engines. Redirects help in resolving this problem appropriately.

  • Varied language of website content:

Websites that cater to an international audience are often configured to show content in the primary language of the place from where the user browses the website. Different language versions make each language version of the site a separate entity that is treated as duplicates.

It scatters the ranking among all the versions that result in a low ranking of the primary website. Setting the favored version of the website on search parameters solves the problem.

  • Content sharing:

Sharing content on multiple sites, along with social media, provides exposure to the original content. It is an essential aspect of content marketing. However, it might result in duplicate content if the content is not correctly cited on the third party website.

Use Backlinks And Credits To Avoid Copied Content Issue

Hence, while sharing content, ensuring original credits, backlinks and citations are of paramount importance.

  • Product descriptions on e-commerce sites:

Digital marketers trade products through the online platform. But product descriptions often remain uniform across multiple e-commerce platforms available on the internet. SEO ranking of a new e-commerce site might suffer due to the same product detailing narrative.

The effort has to be invested in developing unique product depictions to keep the plague of duplicate content away from the e-commerce site.

Optimization for eliminating duplicate content

Duplicate content has a detrimental effect on website performance. Google rankings indicate the popularity metrics of a website. Search engines provide results based on user queries, and the position of a relevant website on the results page corresponds to the quality of optimization of a website.

Optimization includes tasks that are to be conducted on a periodic basis. Software service providers help website owners to automate the process of optimization to a great extent. However, still one has to keep tabs regarding website performance to ensure that the optimization is yielding positive results.

Search Engines Ranks Are Vital For The Success Of A Web Page

The presence of a website on the internet is not pronounced until it receives organic clicks regularly. Increasing user interaction with the website is a prominent marker of excellent performance. However, search engines do not rank sites that appear as duplicates of another web page.

Similar pages are adjudged as duplicate pages by search engines, and it leads to diffusion of links and loss of crawl budget. Optimization checks all aspects of the website to ensure that copy content or the same pages do not appear on the internet.

By using the correct SEO copy checker, it is possible to find out content replication on the internet. In many cases, duplication of content occurs due to minor errors, and fixing those problems ensures proper ranking of the website.

Importance of SEO tool plagiarism checker to reduce website plagiarism

Plagiarism on the online platform has become an irritating problem for creators of original content. Unauthorized use of the content without any backlinks to the source creates not only plagiarized but also duplicate content. It is recommended to use a reliable tool such as Copyleaks seo plagiarism checker online.

When search engines find the same written content on two or more places on the internet, then the algorithm of the search engines decides to select the most authoritative site. Search engines take domain authority into account to select the best result from multiple same pages.

However, in some instances, the original site might get lose due credit, and sites that have scraped content from the site might acquire more users.

Highly sophisticated SEO tools are used to check sites for plagiarism to prevent such untoward incidents in the online arena. Content from a site is also compared against resources available on the internet with the help of plagiarism detectors.

Content Scrapping Can Affect A Web Page In The Most Adverse Way, Possible

It helps in seeking out cases of misuse of web content by content scrapers. Content scraping has to be reported immediately, and there is a due procedure for reporting this type of content.

However, the creator of the content can also ask for due credit and ensure that a backlink is placed on the article to the author’s website/blog.


To enhance the users’ experience, the content on a site is continuously evaluated. Duplicate pages and multiple site versions are removed to enhance ranking on search engines.

Website plagiarism is actively curbed with the help of a high-quality plagiarism checker, and the SEO tool is employed to maintain the quality of a piece of content.

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