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Why You Should Hire a Freelancer June 18, 2020

Businesses have evolved! This evolvement is in a quest to meet up with the requirements of the 21st Century business spectrum. Small and medium scale enterprises are adopting quite a few patterns of large scale entrepreneurs. One of the vastly selected models is the use of electronic media in reaching out to customers.

The electronic media has indeed helped many entrepreneurs get an increased audience, which almost always leads to a directly proportional increase in sales. This increase made possible through the use of social media, websites as well as the mass media. The advantages of these platforms are difficult to overemphasize, but they could strain the entrepreneurs’ part. That’s because attention towards these platforms is on the rise. A concentration that ranges from the constant need to reply to customers, good PR creation, and updating one’s blog posts.

These activities could be overbearing and, as such, lead to distractions from the main course of enterprises. The solution to this is the employment of extra hand(s) to enable them to carry on the increasing tasks. While the extra hands are obtainable by employing a full-time staff, the financial implications could be unaffordable to entrepreneurs.

Therefore, the seeming plausible alternative is to hire the services of a freelancer. A freelancer is a person who works and earns from the comfort of their personal spaces. Getting freelancers have become very easy as there are many platforms through which they operate. For instance, you can have a look at Fiverr. Amongst the opportunities likely to be harnessed by employing a freelancer include the following

Time to Focus on Important Things

Business operations could be stressfully ranging from identification of suppliers, creating value to finding the best way to sell effectively. All of these areas need attention. Hiring a freelancer in this regard helps to reduce the burden on the entrepreneur. Once the weight has gets lifted, the entrepreneur has more time to Focus on other crucial aspects of the business.

Business Objectives

Engaging the services of a freelancer gives one a different approach to business objectives. There is a tendency that an entrepreneur might be able to handle every aspect of the business. However, managing the whole thing does not necessarily make one an expert in such a field. Through hiring a freelancer, a higher level of professionalism gets added to the area of work. Therefore, it helps in ensuring I ng the right hands are actually the ones in charge and thus leads to a more significant and effective way of achieving the business objectives. It is safe to say hiring a freelancer breathes fresh ideas to one’s business.


One of the reasons many entrepreneurs choose to do the work themselves is because they think hiring a freelancer is expensive. While this may seem right to an extent, it is not usually the case. The reason is that the eventual result is worth the money. Therefore, hiring a freelancer always comes in handy, especially when the task required is rare. This flexible workman only comes in, performs the task, gets paid, and the job gets done. Hence, no need to exhibit fear or concerns about additional costs such as insurance covering health, retirement, payroll, taxes, as well as other sundry expenses.

Quick Completion of Tasks

Specific tasks are usually difficult for an entrepreneur to complete. The reason is that some functions are needed urgently and would take hours of completion, which the entrepreneur may not have to spare. Therefore, hiring a freelancer will go a long way to help get the task done quickly through their level of expertise and short term contract basis. This hiring process means that since freelancers need to work on a short term basis, the work gets done faster as they do not need to go through a line of hierarchy (as it is in a formal setting) to get the job done.

Reduction of Risks

There is a great deal of reduction in the risks that the entrepreneur may incur, and that’s because freelancers are not on a set payroll. For instance, if the freelancer’s job is not satisfactory, the entrepreneur may decide to put an end to the contract. This act will not affect the business owner as the freelancer is technically not an employee and cannot collect unemployment insurance as opposed to a traditional employee.

Less Supervision

Unlike the norm in a formal setting, a freelancer does not necessarily need supervision while carrying out a task. The reason being that one can assume the freelancer has gained quite a lot of expertise and professionalism over time in the specific field. Thus, hiring a freelancer will immensely reduce unnecessary headaches attached to the work of supervision.


Freelancing is the real and best deal ever as the world keeps evolving daily. Therefore, the need for freelancers has increased immensely. Hence, it is essential that as a business owner who hopes to expand and grow across the shores of their businesses, one engages the services of freelancers from time to time to help reduce the burden of owning a business and optimizing them production maximally.

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