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What Is Turbologo & How Will It Help You Build Your Brand? November 24, 2020

People have a natural inclination to make assumptions and draw conclusions quickly. This instinctive thought process is subliminally applied to all aspects of life, including the judgment of a brand based on its logo. Logos are meant to accurately implicate a brand’s focus, name, and function at a glance. The most impactful logos do all of this accurately with a memorable design that ignites a sense of intrigue within a brand’s target audience. Without a proper logo, even the best of brands will struggle to gain recognition. 

Creating the right logo for your business is everything and this pressure makes the process feel daunting. Most business leaders are not trained in graphic design, so they have to rely on freelance logo designers who can be overpriced, difficult to work with, and may take days or even weeks to create just a few design options. This process can be inconvenient and ineffective. Luckily there is a better way to design logos, it is a free logo design site called Turbologo.

How Does Turbologo Work?

Turbologo is a website that can be easily located at Once you arrive at the site you will be greeted with a clean layout and a clear button to start the creation of your custom logo. 

In the upper right corner, there is another access point to start logo creation as well as a logo ideas section, a website creator, pricing, and a link to Turbologo’s blog. The logo ideas section offers 100 unique designs created by Turbologo for imaginary brands ranging from art schools to barbershops. These designs will give you a clear understanding of the range of topics and design styles Turbologo is capable of.

The Turbologo blog is packed with information to help you make the most of your logo design. There are articles on trending designs, how to formulate a slogan, how to add a personal signature to your logo, and more. This blog takes makes Turbologo into a business resource and takes it beyond your average logo design site.   

After you have explored the home page you can click the “Make A Logo” button and get started. Payment of any form is not required until you have settled on a logo you love, so there is no barrier to begin. The first prompt you will receive is to enter your companies name. There is the option to enter a slogan as well, but it is not mandatory. 

The only other required form of information is entering the industry your company or brand exists within. There are 84 different industries listed, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your brand. 

The next step is the choice of the color pallet. This step can be skipped if no preference in color or up to 3 of the 9 major colors offered can be chosen. 

After this step comes the choice of up to 5 graphics. There are thousands of graphics to chose from and they all relate to the industry chosen. If you are looking for something outside of the recommended graphics you can even search for specific images. Endless options for graphics are perfect if you are looking for something unique or specific, but if all of the options overwhelm you it is always possible to skip this step and let Turbologo decide.

A quick and free signup process is required to view all logo options. After that, all that is left is for you to scroll through the hundreds of unique designs Turbologo has created as a result of your answers to the previous steps. Across the top bar of the screen, you will find options to change any of the choices you made earlier about the name, color scheme, and images included in your logo. 

When you find a specific logo that fits your brand you can click on it to make edits to the color, shapes, icons, and formats present in the logo. There are even images available that will give you an idea of how the logo you choose will look on signs, websites, and stationary!

Downloading the logo finalizes your choice and requires a purchase, but it still allows for future edits to ensure your logo is a perfect fit. 

How does Turbologo Measure Up Against Other Logo Creation Sites?

There are a variety of logo creation sites to chose from, so you are likely wondering why Turbologo should be your top choice. A quick comparison against its competitors should make the reason for that choice clear.


This site is busier and more complex than Turbologo. There are more steps required in the process of creating your logo and some of the steps can not be skipped even if you do not have a specific preference. 


All steps of the logo creation process are mandatory on this site. There is no opportunity to skip steps you have no preference for. There is also an inability to choose specific icons you have a preference for. These elements make Logomaker a more restrictive logo creation site than Turbologo.


Logo making at this site may feel just as simple as Turbologo, however, it is less specific. There are only 14 general industries to choose from compared to the 84 specific industries offered by Turbologo. Hatchful also presents the dilemma of choosing a design style. If you do not know what design style you want this can make it difficult to get a sample of each style and find your best fit. Turbologo provides a variety of styles so you never have to worry about choosing the wrong one.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when it comes to designing a logo with Turbologo, so give it a try and experience the value it brings to your brand.

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