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How to Start and Grow a Photography Business July 27, 2020

Do you have a passion for photography? Or have you ever thought about trying your luck in the photography business? Photography is a lucrative business, especially if you get the ropes right from the beginning. There is a great variety of photography options to choose from, including wildlife, landscape, aerial, fashion, and sports. In recent years, landscape photography has proven to be the best paying of all. The most expensive landscape portrait in history is valued at $4.3 million, sold by Andreas Gursky, in a US auction. Most of her works are valued at about $1 million.

Most clients across the world must prefer to award photography jobs to creative and talented individuals. Therefore, it helps if your dream is passion-driven rather than money. So, how do you start and grow a photography business? Here are some useful tips:

There is never an ideal time to start

If you have the talent and passion, there is never an ideal time to start the photography business, just start it! Don’t think about powerful lenses and expensive cameras because they come when you make good money. You can even start with your phone and make sure that your capturing angles stand out. Moreover, photography is a profession that you get to learn the ropes of the business as more deals unfold. Just make sure that you put in a lot of hard work and effort, and your venture won’t go unrecognized.

Do you have a social media account?

Social media is the biggest place where you could ever sell and advertise your services. Facebook alone has more than 4 billion active subscribers, and that number will likely go up within the next few years. Instagram also has many users who are fascinated with pictures. Before starting, consider creating social media pages on various business accounts. Pages and business accounts will have a bigger reach compared to personal accounts.


The first people that will appreciate and buy your services are friends and family members. When starting, consider creating a big network, including peers and any other professionals you know. Ask them to follow your social media accounts and repost samples of your work. That way, you’ll get most of your first clients through direct referrals. If you land the first client, do a great job, and they’ll refer other people. Within no time, you’ll have developed a bigger network within your hometown and neighboring places.

Get sponsorships

Lastly, you might also consider getting sponsorships from corporate institutions and notable brands. However, it can be tricky as it doesn’t come easy. You’ll have to show some degree of love for their products, and they might consider you as their official photographer. Most importantly, don’t over-rely on deals and partnerships to make strides. The bigger part of the work lies with you.

The above ideas will help you start smoothly if you have realistic goals and expectations. Make sure you always practice to get the experience. Once you make some good cash, you can buy better lenses and even enroll in professional courses.

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