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Design Freelancer on FIVERR April 21, 2020

Today, the need for graphic designs has become an essential part of every aspect of a business. Most companies use graphic designs in their ads for print, promotional flyers, online platforms, e-books, brand logos, video platforms, and websites for marketing purposes. Apart from this, some businesses use graphic designs to create eye-catching presentations, proposals, and other materials that need graphic design.

The need for graphic designers has increased over the years, with more and more companies sourcing for freelance designers over the internet. According to Fiverr reviews, most graphic designers are not mere artists. Most of the graphic designers at Fiverr offer more than beautifully crafted designs, some combine their expertise, creativity, art theory, communication skills, web design, and other skills, to create designs that impact how the message is received, by the target audience.

Most small businesses prefer working with freelance graphic designers because they are not able to afford in house designers or cannot work with specialized design agencies. Freelance designers offer their services at a lower cost compared to big design agencies making them more advantageous if the business is looking to cut on their long term costs.

Businesses can save a lot using freelance graphic designers who fit their business’s needs. Freelance designers can earn big bucks reviewing materials for consistency, creating new logos, redesigning websites, and other branding initiatives on Fiverr online platform.

So, if you are an aspiring graphic designer, you can start your freelance graphic design career on Fiverr. Follow the laid down steps and be on your way to becoming a successful graphic designer.

Steps to Building a Freelance Graphic Design Career on Fiverr

Profile optimization

When creating an account with Fiverr, the user is prompted to fill out their personal seller profile. The profile carries information, such as personal information, professional qualifications, profile photo, and links to other social media accounts, like LinkedIn.

Ensuring your profile description describes your key areas of focus is important. Most buyers on Fiverr will look at your profile first, to find out if they can hire you for freelance graphic design services. Because the profile characters are limited, sell yourself as a specialist in your field of expertise, be it freelance magazine designer, freelance flyer designer, or the other specialty you possess.

Most buyers will not glimpse at Fiverr profiles that don’t have profile pictures. Having a great smiling and confident picture on your profile is important because it captures the attention of a potential buyer.

Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr Gigs refers to the services you sell on the Fiverr platform. Most Fiverr Gigs start at $5, but depending on the level of your expertise, add on services, and complexity of the gig, you can end up earning more.

There several factors to consider when setting up a gig on Fiverr. Things like the title of the gig. A clever and descriptive gig title is sure to attract the attention of buyers. Using keywords that describe your services helps buyers find you easily when they search for your services.

Freelance graphic designers are encouraged to create tag lines using common and relevant keywords for their gigs to help potential clients find them. Apart from taglines, freelancers should have clear descriptions of their gigs so that buyers can understand exactly the services you are offering.

Each Fiverr gig has a price. Coming up with a competitive price is key to you securing a gig. Fiverr is a big marketplace filled with different graphic designers offering similar services to what you are offering. It’s recommended basing your Fiverr gig rates using the average baseline from what other freelancers are charging.

Create a portfolio of your best works

Fiverr gives users the opportunity to create a gig gallery for every gig completed. Freelance graphic designers can create a gallery to house their best works, which highlight their talents. Make sure the image samples of your works are in high resolution to attract more buyers to an hour profile. If you have hundreds of images you want to showcase on your profile, you can upload a showreel video featuring the best samples of the work you have done, whether its advertisements, freelance brochure design, pictures you’ve edited and enhanced using Photoshop, or web graphics.

Give clear indications on project expectations upfront

It is important to understand what you need to make a project a success. As a freelance graphic designer, you need to have a list of FAQs for each gig, to help your clients understand what they should expect when they hire you. The Fiverr online platform gives you a chance to add your FAQs for each gig. FAQs help you understand the buyer’s needs for each gig. Clear instructions help you and your client get the project on the right foot even before it starts.

Create a positive relationship with clients

Apart from delivering quality work and in the agreed time, it’s always important to create a good working relationship with your Fiverr Clients. Just because you do a perfect job doesn’t guarantee you a return client. Most clients prefer working with responsive freelancers. When you build positive relationships with buyers, you are guaranteed positive reviews on Fiverr, which can earn you more works from other clients. Make your clients feel appreciated by building on their concerns and feedback. Don’t take the feedback from your client as criticism.

Learn new skills

Graphic design is an evolving field, and for you to remain competitive, you have to expand your knowledge on new software in the market. Having cutting edge skills makes you stand out to potential clients, looking to hire freelance graphic designers. Fiverr offers courses by professional graphic designers to help you sharpen your skills and become valuable to clients.

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