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Removing horizontal scrollbar for IE

Many people who are trying my tutorial on how to create I-Frames contact me with various issues they face, and usually it’s the horizontal scrollbar problem on Internet Explorer (IE) browser. The solution for this problem is quite easy but not so recommended from the W3C’s Web Standards point of view. Because we will be […]

Blocking Bad Agents from downloading your site

If you found this page searching Google or search engine, you must be looking for a solution how to block those bad guys from downloading your whole site. I know exactly how it feels to be ripped off, and I have done some research in this area and found few solutions that really work. I […]

How to create your own custom 404 pages

In this tutorial you will learn how to create your own custom 404 pages, and yes you can make it very cool with all your design abilities, it does not have to look so dull anymore with big 404 error on the page. And don’t forget to put a link back to your main page, […]