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TV Lines

Note: This tutorial was done using Adobe Photoshop 7.0

1. Open a new window with: Width:2pixels; Height:2pixels; Resolution:72 pixels/inch; Mode:RGB color; Contents:Transparent.

2. Zoom in the window, so that it is big enough for you to see. Next, select the half of the image. [you can do it by setting Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) to Fixed Size, Width:2px Height:1px]. And fill it with grey, ALT+Backspace.

Finally Deselect – Ctrl+D.

3. Now Select all the image – Ctrl+A, and go to Edit > Define Pattern Once you click you will see your pattern you have just created. Name it and press OK.

We have finished the first part.

4. Open any image you like. We are going to apply the effect on it.

5. Select the Paint Bucket Tool (G).

6. From the Options Toolbar select Pattern for the Fill menu and choose your pattern from Pattern drop down menu. (If you don’t see Options Toolbar, Select it from Window > Show Options)

7. Make a new layer. Go to Layer > New > Layer. While Paint Bucket Tool (G) selected fill the new layer with your pattern.

8. Finally reduce the Pattern opacity to 40% and you are done! (You can apply Overlay or Lighten for the pattern layer as well, check it out whichever suits your needs)

9. Easy Huh?!

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