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Photoshop Q & A

(Only the useful and short tips are displayed here)

How can I make my small fonts look crispy/sharp?

Set font type to ‘Verdana‘, size to 11 or 10, and anti-aliasing method to None.

Why my brush turns to cross cursor and how to bring it back to normal?

Turn off your ‘Caps Lock‘ button on your keyboard and it will be back to normal.

How to reduce my image in size but keep it sharper?

Go to Image > Image Size and change the size, tick Resample Image and choose Bicubic Sharper from the drop down menu. Your resized image will be sharper now.

How to find the center of my document in photoshop?

While your document is open, go to View > New Guide. In the popup window select Horizontal and enter 50% in the position field. Open again and choose Vertical this time and 50% again. You are done.

Is there any way to automate cutting and straightening of scanned images?

Yes there is, put several photos on your scanner and scan it as a single file. Now open it in Photoshop CS and go to File > Automate > Crop and Straighten Photos, PCS will do all the job for you just watch and enjoy!

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