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Beveled button made easy

Note: This tutorial was done using Adobe Photoshop 7.0

1. Open a new window with: Width:150pixels; Height:100pixels; Resolution:72 pixels/inch; Mode:RGB; color Contents:White.

Make a new layer. Then chose Rounded Rectangular Tool and make a button shape

2. Next right click on the layer you made and choose blending options.

Do as shown below. And click OK.

3. By now your button should look like this.

4. Now Ctrl+Click on the layer to select it.

Then go to Select > Modify > Contract, Contract by 3 pixels. Now make a new layer and fill it with the same color.

5. Right click on the layer 3 and chose blending options.

And do as shown below, don’t forget to tick Reverse. Otherwise you won’t get the effect. Click OK, you are done!

6. Here is your Beveled Button

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