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Microsoft Outlook Express

How to backup your emails in Outlook Express

Other tools for backing up your Outlook Express might be convenient, but it is worth to know how to backup your emails manually. You cannot rely on other softwares all the time, sometimes the file that is created by the backup software might be corrupted. If that is the case then you will loose all […]

How to put picture inside the text

If you would like to put the picture inside your text or between texts then follow the steps below. This is different from attachement, because when you send your images as an attachement all the images will be bundled in the attachement section. On the other hand if you follow this method your image will […]

How to stop Outlook Express from Running Windows Messenger on Startup

1.┬áIf you are annoyed by Windows Messenger’s auto load when you Open your Outlook or Outlook Express, follow these steps to stop it from loading. OPTION ONE Open Outlook Express Click Tools, Options Click General tab Uncheck the box for Automatically log on to Windows Messenger Click OK OPTION TWO (Note: If you are not […]

Blocking Spam Messages and sending them to Deleted Folder

If you use Microsoft Outlook Express to receive and send emails, you might already know that you can send some messages(emails) to specific folders according to their contents, title of the message, from whom it is originating..etc. This might be a powerful tool to sort out your emails, you can use it not only to […]