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Solving Flash-Javascript / Layers conflict

Sometimes if you use flash and javascript or layers on the same page, you will have some problem with your layers or javascript – they will go behind your flash. And I am sure you have tried many things like changing the z-index or putting flash more down 😉 But the solution is simpler than […]

How to make flash (.swf) transparent?

Transparent Normal   There are two ways to make flash file transparent, one is to export as a transparent file when you are publishing from Macromedia Flash and another to insert a line of code in the HTML. We will cover both ways in this tutorial. Browsers that support flash transparency: Internet Explorer 3 or […]

Mailto Function in Flash MX

Mailto function in flash is not much different than Mailto function in HTML. In HTML this function is applied on links, whereas in Flash it is applied on buttons. <a href=”mailto:[email protected]?subject=Feedback”>click here </a> his is how it looks in HTML, to test how it works click here And this is how it looks in Flash: […]