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No Print Script

1. Demo: Try to Print this page or Print Preview 2. Sometimes you might want to protect your online documents from printing. So in that case this little simple script might help. Please note that putting this script does not secure your document, users will still be able to ‘copy it and paste it’ in […]

Define Page Scrollbar Styles

1.Before we look into Page Scroll Bar definition, please have a look at the example here. Well it does not look that good, but that is just for the differentiation of the areas of the scrollbar. Once you know which area is defined with which code you can modify it as you like. Actually the […]

Remove Underlines from Links

1. <style type=”text/css”> <!– a:link {text-decoration: none} –> </style> Put the above script between the <head> </head> tags in your page. It will remove all the underlines from your links in that particular page. To remove all underlines from your links throughout your website, better place it in your header file. For more information how […]

Changing table background on MouseOver

Demo: [click here] to view the sample page. This tutorial will teach you how to make a menu like tables that will change background color when you mouseOver. If you have noticed I have used it on my index page. 1.First create your menu on your page. Then identify your two colors, one is for […]

Links and Styles

1. As you know there are four states of a link, namely: Initial State, Visited State, Mouse Over State and Active State. For example if you were to put the following code between <head></head> tags in the page, all the link states in that page would be red. Which means when you visit the page […]

Fixed Image Background for the page

In this tutorial you will learn how to put a fixed image background on your pages, that is the background that stays in the center of your page even when you scroll the page. You can see the example here. 1. First create a new page in your HTML editor (Dreamweaver) and save it as […]

Having different link colors on one page

Do you want to have a different color links on different sections of your website? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right tutorial. Often websites have different color backgrounds on different sections of their website, for example content section of your website might have a white background, in contrast footer […]

Creating and Linking External CSS files

1. It is particularly useful to keep one css file for the entire website rather than having individual CSS styles in every page, advantage of having a separate CSS file is, it is easy to update and maintain the look and feel of the entire website from a single file. That is why it is […]

Hiding div layers after 5 seconds (specified time – x seconds)

Many things can be done with layers, one of the most useful thing being the navigational drop down menus. Only problem with many HTML editors including Dreamweaver at the moment is that they do not provide an option to close or hide the layers after a specified time. So most of the time you need […]