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Preparing your pages for search engine

Please go to Muhammad Ali’s Official Website if you found this page through search engine looking for Muhammad Ali Before submitting your site to search engines you should make sure that your meta-tags have all the information you want for your users to search, see and click. Doing your meta-tags right will make your […]

Dos & Don’t in Web Design

Rules and preference for designing a website can differ from website to website depending on the target audience, whether it is entertainment website or corporate website or just a personal portfolio. But there are still somethings that are common in all websites, and if followed can make your site look better. So here are few […]

Guide to web hosting and domain name registration

Rule number one: Don’t buy your domain and hosting from the same company. This is the first and foremost advice I would like to give for those who are starting their website. Because in the course of your website’s life you will be changing your web hosting at least 2-3 times for variety of reasons […]

Google AdSense Tips

Google AdSense has been a very good source of income for many webmasters on internet including myself. Many webmasters that have the know-how of implementing AdSense codes correctly into their websites have made lots of money, because if you make the correct implementation you will have more clicks and if you have more clicks then […]

Make Money with your Website

There are different ways of making money online, we are going to discuss some of them here. I will be talking about the ways that can really generate some income for you and not the ones that promise you millions but with no results, the ways that I will discuss here won’t generate you millions […]